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Return to Work Programs

In addition to case management, SMAI can help injured workers return to work faster with the Transitional Work Program, the Remain at Work Program, or Vocational Rehabilitation. If you have any questions or would like more information about any of these programs, please contact Client Services or your Claims Analyst at (440)899-2400/(800)542-9479.

  • Transitional Work Program

  • The transitional work program offers meaningful, productive work to your workers with restrictions in helping them remain or return to work sooner. It's a program the employer sets up so injured employees can return to work more quickly and safely - either in their original job or a temporary work assignment until they're ready to resume their original job.

    A transitional work program can help a company lower its direct and indirect human resource cost. Returning an injured worker to the job as soon as safely possible before the worker is 100 percent recovered lowers medical costs, compensation costs and may reduce or suppress the reserves on the claim. A program can improve a company's bottom line by reducing claims, especially lost-time claims, reducing the number of days a worker is away from his or her job and reduces claims filing lag time. National statistics show indirect cost for a workplace injury that becomes a lost-time claim is four times greater than any direct claims expense.

    By returning to work sooner, an employee is less apt to face physical de-conditioning and loss of work skills. The worker will also participate in work and keep earning money, which enhances self-worth and job satisfaction. And the quicker employees begin transitional work, the sooner they can return to their original job.

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  • Remain at Work

  • Remain at Work services can be a very beneficial program if utilized at the initial onset of problematic injuries that require a little more oversight to prevent lost time from occurring. Remain at Work is an individualized and voluntary program for eligible injured workers needing assistance to remain at work post injury.

    Remain at Work Services can offer:

    • Transitional work with PT/OT if focused on job progressions and offered on-site
    • Ergonomic Studies
    • Job Analysis
    • Gradual Return to Work
    • On the Job Training
    • Job Modification
    • Tools and Equipment
    • Remain at Work Field Case Management

    Other services may be incorporated to allow each injured worker the most individualized plan to allow them to Remain at Work

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  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Vocational rehabilitation is an individualized and voluntary program for eligible injured workers needing assistance in safely returning to work or in retaining employment. Vocational rehabilitation emphasizes restoring or maximizing the injured worker's abilities and minimizing long debilitating absences from work.

    Vocational rehabilitation focuses on returning the injured worker to the original employer. If that is not possible, rehabilitation services can help the injured worker identify skills and abilities to secure a new job with another employer.

    SMAI will work directly with you, the injured worker, and providers to find creative ways to allow the injured worker to remain at work or return to work. We will coordinate interventions, such as:

    • Modifying the work tasks or providing assistive tools and equipment
    • Developing supervised programs, which allow the injured worker to gradually increase hours or work loads
    • Coordinating transitional work programs that provide progressive work-site therapy
    • Locating appropriate employment for the injured worker in a different type of work, if needed

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